RIDE-Arc Recap

Last night was the two-year anniversary ride of RIDE-Arc’s monthly bike gathering, but instead of trying to top past spectacle rides such as May’s which provided unbelievable access to the Long Beach Port or last October’s which included unheard of after-hours entry to two landmark cemeteries, organizers Alex and Gabe delivered a thought-provoking of ride of richer and poorer that examined downtown’s disparity between its rapid gentrification and entrenched homeless marginalization… with a little incarceration thrown in at the end with a visit to the Twin Towers jail.

Past the Biscuit Company Lofts with its $4 million penthouse through dark streets lined with the destitute in their makeshift encampments it was another awesome RIDE-Arc excursion that ended back at the Southern California Institute of Architecture for a RIDE-Arc birthday party that I was too tired to stay at and instead chugged on home.


A skidrow streetwalker and a spelling error
on San Julian north of 7th Street. 

The route, as recalled to the best of my ability, can be viewed here. A photoset of pix from the night are here.