The Wheel Deal

So the details regarding the next IAAL•MAF group bike ride have been plastered up on my various indespensable bike-related sources such as Midnight Ridazz, Bikeboom and Bikenow, and now with the aim of inspring anyone who rings in on occasion here at wildbell and might be interested in joining in, please consider yourself welcome to partake in IAAL•MAF Spinvitational No. 5, otherwise known as the “Serenity Now: An L.A. River ODDysey” ride.


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This is more than a bike ride. Taking a cue from the awesome RIDE-Arc, we will cruise along the waterway and through the neighborhoods bordering it hoping to either instill or reinforce an appreciation of the L.A. River not only from the perspectives of its past, present and future, but also as a unique public canvas and a thriving ecosystem for the variety of wildlife it supports.

This Sunday, July 22, we will gather at noon at the ample free parking lot of the Travel Town Rail Museum in Griffith Park for a 12:30 p.m. departure, first venturing along Zoo Drive to the L.A. River Bikeway and a journey south to Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village. From there we will continue through Elysian Valley along quiet residential streets to Riverside Drive and the last stretch into the L.A. River Center & Gardens in Cypress Park. After relaxing and taking in the sights there we will return from whence we came back to Travel Town. Here’s the 17.8-mile roundtrip route via Gmaps.

But if 17.8 miles seems a daunting distance don’t dare despair. We’ll be arriving at Fletcher Drive for a break and a brief discussion before heading onward at about 1 p.m. to the the river center. There’s ample parking there either on Crystal Street north of Fletcher or south of it on Ripple Street (map) and from that point and back it’s only about seven laid-back miles.

It’s gonna be awesome.