Where Else Do You Go When Today’s Date is 7-11?


I have to admit my interest in “The Simpsons” tailed off after the first few seasons (or about 15 years ago), but man I just can’t get over the absolute marketing genius that went into these convenience├é┬á store conversions , so with tonight’s river ride I called for an excursion to the Burbank version where my pal Stephen and I braved the 20-minute wait in line, replete with doorman security and I had myself a pink movie donut and a Buzz Cola Squishee with a three-pack (store per-person limit) and a box of Krusty-O’s to go.

Flickr photoset is here.

Tomorrow might be a bit quiet around these here parts. The long slow arm of the jury system has tapped me to be present and accountable downtown at 7:30 a.m. where I may or may not be blogging offline (the equivalent of “live on tape”) the events and proceedings.