I Am Not An Expert

I don’t want to think tooooooo large a turnout but each time we do one of these IAAL•MAF spinvitational rides (like we’re doing tomorrow on the L.A. River departing Travel Town at 12:30 p.m. in case you haven’t heard) I always think the response won’t be so much and my conservative estimation is usually way off.

I mean, we don’t pull the numbers of Ride-Arc or Midnight Ridazz or anything like that, but if more than 10-20 people show up, I’m pretty dang surprised.

Either way, whether attendance is single or double digit, I’m woefully lacking in a script I’d been hoping to prepare for the proceedings. But I take heart in knowing that people are coming far more to ride their bikes than hear me talk. But it wasn’t for lack of trying. I combed river-centric websites and went and checked out of the library what may be one of the most definitive books on the L.A. River and what I found is just a ton of good info  to the point where the notes got out of hand. I’m talking pages of ’em. Hell, it would be just better to read sections of the book as we roll.

So in short, I’m not gonna beat myself up too much for not having the perfect narrative to deliver. I’ll have a share of facts to throw out there and I found a couple cool aerial photos to pass around of the damage around the Glendale bend from the 1938 flood and maybe a couple other statements I’ll craft, but in the end I’m just out there to enjoy the river and the ride.