Griffith Park & Ride

I put out fair warning to my fellow IAAL•MAF’ers that last night’s regular river ride was going to include a climb up the north side of the park via Mt. Hollywood Drive down to the Griffith Observatory. I’d been wanting to head up there for several weeks as I hadn’t ventured into that stretch of the park since a month of so before the devastating fires of May. Stephen was game as always and Manny was an intrepid trooper, and Spencer’s and Delmy’s friend Alex decided not to turn around with them at Travel Town and instead joined the three of us for the ascent as well.

I didn’t do much in the way of pix, but I did a self-snap of me and my trusty Giant OCR-3 roadie at 8:13 p.m. beside one of my favorite north side vista points about a third of a mile below the top of the ridge:


Once up and over and across and down and then up to the observatory it was nice to see her looking grand.