Thugsday Night Ride

About to amscray for another edition of Thugsday night bike riding, this time first to MacArthur Park to check out a free concert and then south to see the two places west of USC that Jackie Robinson called home during his 1947 rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Pictures will follow.

UPDATE (08.10): I spoke too soon about the pix. While on the way to the meeting point I did stop and snap a reclusive stash of Caché’s superchickens dating back to 2004, and also took some requisite shots of the free concert after we arrived at the spiffed-up and freshly unfenced-off Levitt Pavilion at MacArthur Park…


… any opportunity for images of the 1947 L.A. residences of Jackie Robinson at 1588 W. 36th Place and 1283 W. 35th Street were limited by the lack of illumination. Plus they weren’t really worth the pixels. While the first home looks as if it might have been the same structure as was there 60 years ago (albeit with some serious modifications to the siding) the heavy stucco covering the second property — a duplex –  has erased most indicators of its past. Only the garage visible at the back is perhaps still in its original state.