Hey Ebbets!

I got my latest Ebbets Field Flannels catalog in the mail Wednesday night and yesterday before I got the good news about landing the job I was thumbing through it and I said to myself that if I got the gig I’d reward myself on my first pay day by taking advantage of an available buy-two-get-one free offer on their selection of historic t-shirts.

If you’ve never heard of Ebbets and love baseball you should really click on over and check out some of the authentic uniforms and memorabilia celebrating historic and mostly obscure teams from the various regional leagues that once flourished around the country.

Teams like the Nevada Lunatics of the Missouri Valley League, the Decatur Commies the of Three-I League and the Deadwood Mets of the Blackhills League (which just so happen to be the three tees I’ll be ordering after I get my first paycheck).

I forget how I found out about the company…. probably profiled in some magazine. But I remember hinting to Susan a couple Christmases ago that I would really really like the fitted 1915 Baltimore Terrapins baseball cap I found on their website, and she obliged me.