Black Rhino In The Ngorongoro


Apologies. As this and my last post indicate, mentally I’m back in Africa. This time in the Ngorongoro Crater with a female black rhino who had moments previously been lying down almost completely hidden by the grasses but just before this shot had jumped up on full alert for reasons known only to her.

No, I was neither this close nor had the lens to pull her in so big. She was about 500 yards away when she suddenly sprung up. In the original image, she’s little more than a speck in the frame, so it should be no surprise that this version is heavily cropped and blown out diffused and despeckled and such, not just because I like to go artso-fartso with my stuff, but also because with the dream-come-true tears streaming down my face as I snapped this and every other frame of this beautiful creature in her wild home, this is pretty much  as clear as my vision was during the distant encounter.

One I’ll never forget.