When I was a kid and first heard the term “thunderheads” — perhaps from inimitable Eyewitness News weatherman Dr. George Fishbeck — I mistook it for “thunderhats,” and that’s what I called the meteorological phenomena for many of my formative years and then some. My belligerent and impeccable logic when I was inevitably corrected was that they looked far more like hats than heads. Duh.

Anyway, with the current heatwave L.A.’s experiencing fueled by a high pressure system currently parked out over the midwest we’ve had thunderhats out there over Antelope Valley on the perimeter of Los Angeles this past couple days and I snapped this fine example building way back behind behind Glendale’s Verdugo Mountains in the marvelous open space of the vast church parking lot located behind the Costco in Los Feliz Atwater Village yesterday afternoon (click to quadruplicate):