I Can See For Miles

Apologies for chiming in so late in the aftermath of my first day at the new job. Contrary to what Elle jokingly posted in the comments of my post from this morning, the drastic change in scenery and schedule has not made me forget about this blog nor the kind readers who come by it.

And speaking of scenery, my office has a window and that window has a south-facing view (click to quadruplify):


OK so to some the cities of Westchester and El Segundo and the occasional 747 inbound to LAX in the distance with the Palos Verdes heights waaaaay out there in the smog might not be a vista to end all vistas , but I’m loving it.

And on the inside things are very nice as well. I did the obligatory first-day office-wide introductions to a group of very nice people most of whose names I promptly forgot, filled out all sorts of benefits forms and figured out how to use the phone system. Plus the computer system of choice is Macs, which is a surprise bonus. All in all, a great start.

On top of that I just learned that the MTA’s No. 439 bus goes from Union Station to a stop practically in front of the office building. Sweet!