Keeping Driving On The Downlow

I know this stuff bores the shiz out of 98.665% of you visitors here, but it’s how I roll literally and figuratively. And in the first eight days of my new gig I’ve driven three times, biked 4.5 times and bused 0.5 times (those point-fivers are from my mixed-use commute yesterday when I biked in, but bused back to Union Station to go bike around downtown some more).

Percentage-wise that breaks down to:

  • Car — 37.5%
  • Bike — 56.25%
  • Bus — 6.25%

Which is better than my initial plans to keep it at a 60-40 split between bike/bus and car. I’m presently undecided whether to bike in or drive tomorrow… the reason being Friday evening will be time again for another edition of Midnight Ridazz, which will have me going from Silver lake to the Santa Monica Pier and then back home, a roundtrip that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 miles and end me up at around 60 for the day (an all-time high for the year).

But damn if that won’t put me around 50 miles (aka a couple more bike commute days the following week) from my goal for the year of 2,007.

I’m of a mind to go all gung-ho and get there then relax… or reset my sites on a goal of 2,500 and go get that.

Hi my name is Will and I’m a bike-aholic.