We Interrupt This Bike Blog For…

It ain’t often but occasionally there’s a perk to being a contributionalist with the Metroblogging empire, and last night rose up the opportunity from Blogging.la Captain David Markland to take my wife to a couple of terrace seats at the Hollywood Bowl to see the famed venue recreated as the legenndary Cocoanut Grove nightclub with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra under the baton of conductor Thomas Wilkins and headlined by Pink Martini, featuring Carol Channing, Henri Salvador and the MarchForth Marching Band. All that and a fireworks finale, too!

As such I was faced with the decision between this unique event and my beloved Midnight Ridazz and I’m pretty sure I made the right call given how excited Susan was at the prospect of picknicking so up-close and personal to all the action. And she adores Pink Martini.

So while I mourn missing my monthly midnighter, I’m also gonna drive to work today so that when I get home this afternoon I’m in a more presentable condition (i.e. not in need of another shower) and we can get on our way to the show that much quicker.

See! I can put the bike down and step away from it. Sometimes.