Having on Friday willfully sacrificed my work commute and that night’s Midnight Ridazz so as to partake with Susan in that not-often-enough summer ritual known as the Hollywood Bowl, I nonetheless deprived myself of adding some 60 biking miles to my annual totals and putting me within a couple commutes of catching and passing my goal of 2,007 miles for 2007 (which I have dutifully and meticulously mapped and kept up to date here on 2007 Bike Routes page).

Sunday’s 17.5-miler with Manny that centered on hotcakes at the Pantry downtown reclaimed a bit of that lost mileage, moving me 15 miles past 1,900, but now being less than 92 miles from my goal I’m dedicated to getting the goal got and will be making this another individual “Bike To Work” week, similar to the one I did back in March (in part then because I was out of the country for the regular annual city-wide one in May).

If my lousy calculations aren’t too off, and if all goes according to plan, and if I don’t get all lazy between now and then, my 2,007th mile should arrive near the end of my morning commute on Thursday, some 3.33 months ahead of schedule.

When I get there I might pump a fist in the air or let out a “hell yeah!” or stop and take a picture of me and The Phoenix, but I won’t be getting tooooo demonstrative in my enthusiasm as I’ll be in the Westside and we all know how most of those people feel about public displays of emotion, much less public displays of emotion on a bicycle.