Moment of 2th

2th? As in 2thousand-and-seven:


I’m not sure why I’m going all Zoolander with my lips or what button I pushed on the cam for the image to come out all black-and-white, but there it is and I am: pedaling the first few feet past the intersection of Cota and Ocean Drive in Culver City at 8:49 a.m. this morning, putting my 2007th mile behind me and moving on.

New goal for the rest of the year? I’m gonna mull it over for a bit. I’m torn between just totaling up whatever comes and thinking 2,500 is doable, But then I’m as I’m also keeping closer tabs on my calories I’m thinking of biking to work until I get down to 195 pounds or the new year, whichever comes first. If I go that crazy I could be looking at 75-100 mile weeks, which has the potential to put 3,000 in reach by the time the year draws to its close.

Like I said, I’m gonna mull. I’m even gonna drive in to work tomorrow as says there’s a 60% chance of rain in L.A. Friday. But in the meantime thanks for putting up with this fixation of mine these past few posts. It might not be the most interesting thing in the world, but it’s  kind of a big deal to reach something I’ve been striving for these past nine months.