Sunday Morning Snapshot: A ‘Simmon & Two ‘Maters

(click to quadruplify)

One of the components of my weekly backyard tidying is to bust out the rake and comb the grounds. Inevitably I find another further proof our backyard was treated as a landfill in the form of a half-dozen more pieces of broken glass, a buried ball or bone courtesy Ranger, and other stuff such as the relatively perfect persimmon above, which was no doubt being transported by one of the several squirrels who make a home in either of our two backyard palms.

Most of the time the persimmons (from a mystery tree somewhere nearby) are half-gnawed by the rodents or finished off by Ranger, but this one was buried decidedly unmarred so I pocketed it for later placement on the sill as shown.

The ‘maters are another matter. I found those cherry-sized and growing unkempt along the sidewalk in the front yard of a house a block over during a dog walk easily over a month ago. At the time they were totally green and from their place on the sill since then have been slowly reddening.

So I put them together for a snap that I then totally for-better-or-worse goofed with in Photoshop and voila.