They’re Replicans Not Replicants!

I don’t know what came over me, but a couple minutes of my life just went blank. Last I remember I found the info on LAist as to when and where the hiiiiiiiiiighly anticipated new “final cut” of Blade Runner was playing and having never seen one of my favorite films of all time in any of its six previous incarnations on the big screen the next thing I knew I was picking up a confirmation off the printer for the purchase of two tix to for one of the afternoon showing this Saturday at the Landmark Theater on Pico Boulevard.

Whoa. And I say that in full Keanusian context.

Why not see it at night? Well, Susan and I are more of the matinee moviegoing types. And maybe we’ll suffer a smaller crowd afterwards for burgers at the nearby Apple Pan (where I’ve never been — what kind of Angeleno am I?).

PS. I always — always! — cry when Roy dies. In fact I get choked up just thinking about that moment in the film. When Batty lets go of the dove and it flies upward into the rain as he expires like a spirit going to heaven? Aw hell… get me a tissue. Rutger Hauer deserves a lifetime achievement Oscar for those few seconds of unparalleled acting excellence.

Want tix? Go here. It opens Friday.