Making my backyard rounds this morning (to “scoopa da poopa” as I call it) before my carpool arrived to pick me up I found that Ranger in her infinite excavationability has potentially uncovered beneath the hammock stand a new trove of trinket treasure. Here’s the tip of the iceberg¬† craptastically captured on my phonecam (click quadruplicate):


In the upper right is yet another brown glass vial to add to the collection of small bottles recovered. In the center is a small and surprisingly intact saucer decorated with some sort of flora (grapes?) that was perhaps once a part of a child’s tea service¬† (on the bottom of the plate it reads “Made In Japan”). And not intact is a small piece of ceramic in the shape of a dog’s head.¬† Perhaps the rest of the canine’s body is interred nearby. We shall see.