Who Gives A Shirt!?

Back in April I participated in a benefit to raise money for a cyclist and Silver Lake Trader Joe’s crewmember who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run while biking home after a shift in February.

There was a silent auction and it turned out I was the winning bidder on two items: a Joseph Mailander watercolor painting os the Shakespeare Bridge as well as a package from Image Foundry of 24 single-color screened t-shirts. Time passed and I touched base with the young lady from Image Foundry and preliminarily discussed the shirts and then Susan and I went on vacation in May and when we got back the whole thing got put on a back burner and eventually I forgot about them until a couple weeks ago when my increased bike commuting and an accumulation of various anti-bike incidents that ran around the blogs brought me to contact her with my idea for a bikes-on-the-streets theme for the shirts and she said let’s do it and I got busy building up the graphic in Photoshop. I submitted it Thursday and she wrote back with a minor suggestion which I embraced and presto kachango, by sometime next week I’ll be the recipient of 24 large black tees sporting this 10″ x 12″ image on the front:


For those who don’t know CVC 21202 is the section of the California Vehicle Code that states bikes are legally allowed full use of traffic lanes. As to what am I going to do with 24 shirts. Well, give some away, of course!