Mind If I Bug Ya?

For want of a substantive post while I’m still here in Orlando, all I have for you is some window-dwelling examples of the area’s entomology, specifically a wasp and a jumping spider (my favorite of all spiders!) that put it on dah glass outside my hotel room 11 stories off the deck for awhile yesterday morning.

I opted to bring my repaired-but-still-tempremental Olympus point-n-shooter with me rather than my Canon because the latter’s flash function is on the fritz and I figured snapping away pix in an exhibition hall I’d need the illumination. The drawback is the Olympus’ digital zoom doesn’t hold a pixel to the Canon’s and thus I can’t get anywhere near a decent image of the Epcot Center sphere way out there on the horizon, which glows nicely in the sunrise. But thank goodness the Oly’s macro options are up and running smoothly enough for me to bring you these two bugs (click to quadruplicate):



Everything’s  going fine with the show. The only things wrong are I’m pretty much over-eating and the concierge looked at me kinda funny when I asked if the hotel had any bikes available for its guests to use. She suggested the Lifecycles in the athletic club (for a fee… pffft) as a substitute. I suggested no thanks.

Couple that with the fact that I’m going to miss my second consecutive Midnight Ridazz ride this Friday night (my flight gets in too late) and I’m pretty much foreseeing a big-ass ride Saturday morning. Maybe a combination of the “10 Bridges”and my big ass Megaloop ride that takes me to the tops of Elysian and Griffith Parks.

We’ll see.