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Like most bullshit automobile adornment trends — the pissing Calvin, “Baby On Board” signage, bumper stickers that petulantly demand I accept that Jesus Is God while simultaneously commanding that I Read The Bible — I don’t know where and when they start. All I know is that they can never fade away fast enough to suit me.

The example of this type of stickering pictured below is certainly nothing new, but it’s one I don’t get on two WTF levels:


First off, dude: Duh. You’re driving a beatdown Toyota truck, what the hell else is it going to be powered by? Second off, dude: Nah. I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss the press release crowing about how Toyota’s engines deliver 1,200 horsepower.

And bonus WTF, dude. Hic? Were ya drinkin’ much while applying that lameness to your truck’s ass or is that uneven, off-center warped effect on purpose? Nice!

Powered by idiots.

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