A Few CCs of Prevention

All my life I’ve naively figured I’d just tough it through flu season, rationalizing that if I didn’t go around picking up used tissues off the floors of public bathrooms or sharing lipstick, or licking my fingers after shaking someone’s hand or putting used cat toys in my mouth I could dodge the bug.

Despite adhering to those important precautions pretty much every year I got the flu, to varying degrees of asskickedness. But it was the wicked one that whacked me flat off my feet for a full phlegmy week in the wet winter of 2005 that was my wake-up call, and since then I’ve dutifully rolled up my sleeve and taken a needle. And with that simple precaution I haven’t had the flu since.

Well it’s flu shot season again, and in its incredible foresight the building’s management where I work is ultra conveniently delivering vaccinations to any and all with the brain power, $25 and a few minutes to spare.

Here’s hoping wherever you are a flu shot is similarly close by and if not that you won’t not go wherever one may be.