I Be Illin’

So last week I was all “gung-ho: get your flu shot on,” and subsequently walked that walk Wednesday. As is a risk of getting innoculated against such things there is the chance one might experience side effects such as a low-grade fever and such. If they manifest they usually dissipate in 24 – 48 hours.

Mine started manifesting Sunday in the form of a fever and have built up since to include congestion, fatigue, cough, sneezing and sore throat — none of it ultra-disabling but it was enough to keep me home from work today.

I actually don’t think I have the flu. Maybe I do, but if so it’s definitely a “light” version. I figure I’m more likely to have grabbed some minor cold bug on the plane rides either in and out of Orlando a couple weeks ago that my immune system kept at bay until having to open up a second front against the flu shot a week ago.

Then what do I do the day after the needle but log some 40 miles of cycling via a work commute and Thursday’s night bike ride up to the top of Elysian Park where all the wind-sucking I had to do defintely harsed my breathing pipes. And the beers and tequila later that night didn’t help either.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m still totally pro-flu shot, it’s just that one probably shouldn’t get stuck shortly after a plane trip and then immediately thereafter overtax the system with vigorous, prolonged exercise.

On top of that let’s factor in all the particulate matter I’m moving into my lungs from the massive and heartbreaking destruction wrought by the fires all over and it all works out to leave me feeling as if I been rode hard and put away wet.*