It escaped many, but not me… no matter how minor it may be. See typically and for as long as I can remember Daylight Saving Time has ended the weekend of or before Halloween. That’s right, whoever those state or federal powers might be decreed that in the year 2007, the DST period would not only be increased on the front end but the back end as well. Thus we have an additional week of the dying of the light with which to contend.

This bothers me for a couple reasons. With clocks falling back the weekend before October 31 we were ensured of an earlier nighfall.  It was like something of an “on you mark, get ready” to trick-or-treaters (or those of us who are still trick-or-treaters at heart) that brought the cloak of darkness so much sooner.

On the flipside, getting that hour back meant morning was gratefully resurrected. Instead of it being barely dawn at 6:30- 7 a.m. — making it that much more diffficult to rise and shine — all of a sudden goodness was restored and one could get out of bed and see what was going on.

Instead now we’ll be contending with this feeble simpering dusk for another few afternoons (including Halloween, which is sacrilege) while still groping around in the dawn’s lingering dim trying not to trip over the cats and dogs. Somehow I don’t think this is what Ben Franklin had in mind when he decided to start goofing with the timetables to save some candlewax.