Within Reach

Having not biked an inch while traveling this past week and also having amply stockpiled moooore than enough calories before, during and after this Thanksgiving, I’m opting to make this back-t0-work week a full bike-to-work one in part so that I can burn some of this excess fuel  as well as enter the final month of the year with somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 miles left towards attaining my revised goal of 3,000 cycling miles for 2007.

I certainly don’t mean to put the bike on top of the rider, but barring 30 days of rain or the theft of any or all of my bikes that basically means it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if you figure me biking to work only twice a week, that’s 200 miles right there, leaving me but 100 “extracurricular” miles to go.

But if as expected I should maintain my average of commuting thrice weekly, that’s about 280 miles, leaving me a solitary Midnight Ridazz -type ride away from 3K… and the odds of me going on just one fun ride in December is pretty remote. Hell, one of these weekends coming I might just bust out the old mountaineer for old time’s sake and go for a dirt cruise up the Verdugos (something I haven’t done in more than 2.5 years).

P.S. Has it really been two years since my first ride on The Phoenix (recorded here)?