All Wet

At first I thought the sound I was hearing was from my neighbor’s predawn sprinklers working a little overtime, but you can bet I was surprised to find the rare and far more natural form of irrigation at work when I got up this morning.


I haven’t been an ardent follower of the local weather report, but still on the bike ride home last night there wasn’t much in the way of meteorological hints that showers were threatening.

And just to give any of you hope that I’m not a total nutbar, I will be breaking the five-days-straight-biking plan and not be pedaling into work today (even though it’s not doing much more than sprinkling at present). Plus there’s a sequence to my sanity: by driving in I’ll be able to get a couple things checked off my “Things To Do This Weekend” list on the way home: general groceries; and maybe a visit to The Kobbler King (I might even pick up that discarded fence post I spotted a couple weeks ago on Jefferson (don’t ask; if I get it you’ll see what I mean). Hell I even through a load of laundry in this morning to get a jump on things.

Of course, weather permitting, that means I’ll have to make up for today’s lost cycling with an extended bike ride tomorrow morning in order to put me up over the 3,700 mile mark. Oh gee darn.