Frond Farewell

Chalk this one up as a weather anomaly. Or a poltergeist. At some point over the weekend during the post-rain winds that blew in and out Saturday, an old frond-y appendage from the smaller of our two backyard palms detatched its mooring to fall the 20-some feet to earthas others of its kind have done and will continue to do for as long as the tree stands.

Most of the time they end up on the ground, but not this one. This one put on a show.

img_5852.JPGThe difference is, it only fell about 18.5 or so in an apparent homage to those “That’s Amazing!” tornado damage photos that show fence posts impaled through tree trunks and house sidings and such. Apparently the frond detached from its tree and somehow the detached end swung straight down as it plummeted, and despite its light weight gathered enough momentum to pierce directly through one of the slate tiles of the outdoor coffee table — where it literally stuck the landing like Mary Lou Retton. And without fully cracking the tile.


Indeed, when I first saw this scene at right, it did not compute that a frond could be standing up on its own atop a table. Ever on the alert for a practical joke I glanced around for some suspected hidden wiring that must be holding the thing upright. But no. Upon further investigation it simply had enough force to punch a whole through the tile and wedge itself in there all proud.

Glad I wasn’t resting my head on that spot when it came down. Couple close-ups after thejump.