Up & Over

Gotta go over to mom’s in Burbank today to help her with something so I’ve pre-charted a 20-mile course that’s gonna get me upriver over there and then to IKEA to stock up on $2 battery-operated LED light strings for next Christmas, then down to the Supply Sergeant on Victory near Magnolia because I rarely miss an opp when in the vicinity to browse its military surplus goodness, then back through Griffith Park and Los Feliz Village down to Wacko then Uncle Jer’s for some random stocking stuffer shopping before coming home.

And at somewhere right about this point in today’s journey I’ll pedal into my 3,000th mile for the year (with each and every route and ride chronicled and charted here). To put it a bit in perspective… my 10-year-old truck rolled past the 100,000 mile mark on May 4. In the seven months since then I’ve only put 1,700 miles on its odometer, while having biked more than 2,000.