So not only did I do enough riding to put me past my revised annual goal (passing it somewhat appropriately in the bike lane on Riverside Drive by the Los Angeles Equestrian Center), but I also paid visits to IKEA, Supply Sergeant and OSH in Burbank before coming back through Griffith Park and over Los Feliz to Wacko and Uncle Jer’s all for some last-minute stocking stuffer shopping of various frivilousity.

By the time I left my last stop it was dark, and my pack was loaded down large with and I got home to find my baby a bit under the weather, but not enough to keep her from making an awesome pork soup before curling up on the couch to find out there was nothing on TV worth wasting our time with other than “Spiderman 2.”

But before we turned it off Ranger and Jig curled up alongside her and each other and though I had to resort to use of the cam’s blinding flash, I managed to capture the animals’ quiet time together.

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