Resolutin’ Time

Yup, with five days left of 2007, it’s right about now when I start mulling what I’ll make happen in the new year. So here’s where I’m at, and it’s all about keeping it simple and specific — no “read at least 16 books” or “lose weight” or other such vague and general nonsense.

  1. I will bike 3,000 miles.
  2. I will read “Don Quixote.”
  3. I will step on a scale and it will show 195.
  4. I will mountainbike the from Ubehebe Crater to Racetrack Playa in Death Valley and in the middle of the dry lake bed camp under the stars.
  5. I will write fiction every day as an exercise and post it to this blog.
  6. I will complete two manuscripts and pursue their publication.
  7. I will help Susan plant and grow a backyard garden.
  8. I will learn Spanish.
  9. I will adopt the south side section of Sunset Boulevard between Occidental Boulevard and Benton Way and spend at least three hours a month cleaning it up.