It All Comes Together: 31 miles on Dec. 31 = 3100

Having been cut loose from work early this afternoon on this the last day of 2007, I tacked on a a downtown detour to the ride home that ended up totaling 31 miles on December 31st to finish at 3,100 for the year.

Three thousand one hundred and two point five miles to be exact.

Tomorrow we reset and start all over toward my 2,008 goal of 3,000, beginning with a New Year’s Day ride that will depart the Brite Spot at 4 p.m. and venture around downtown and up to the top of Elysian Park.

And if you thought my bike posts were tedious this year, then you’ll be looking to avoid the expanded coverage I have planned for next year in which I separate my commuting miles from recreational miles, utilize my new Garmin eTrex GPS unit (my Christmas present from my Bay-bee!) for added trip minutae, post more HandlebarCam vidclips of bike routes on YouTube, and maybe even venture into the frame for some sure-to-be tentative and totally amateurish bike vlogs.