Out With The Old, In With The New

oldnew1.jpg oldnew2.jpg

No day like the first of the new year to replace some worn out parts on The Phoenix. Before rolling out this afternoon for the inauagual ride of 2008 with friends Andrew, Manny and Stephen, I replaced my long suffering (and suffered) campus pedals (platform on one side and clip on the other) with a nice pair of Shimanos, and the worn out tread of my Continental gave way to a new set . I also zeroed out the bike’s trip computer, summarily erasing the 3,872.6 in cumulative mileage it’s recorded over the two years since I installed it.

And last but not least, I retired the rear innertube — with honors. It had been slow leaking this last few hundred miles, but the breach was small enough and holding that it would hold air pretty much for a full day. You served me well rear innertube. Rest in peace.

Ride on.