Microfiction – 022/365

What is this about?


Davis yanked a hard right onto Robertson from Wilshire and watched as the stolen car suspect he’d been chasing through Beverly Hills since he lit up the hot Jaguar at Santa Monica Boulevard slowed down, flung the driver’s side door open and bailed out of the moving car, dropping into a seemingly well-practiced roll across the double yellow line while the car he’d exited careened into a line of parked cars at the curb like some kind of stunt in an action movie, except this wasn’t.

Apparently the suspect thought it was though, because instead of getting up and running, the guy finished his tumbling routine up on one knee with a pistol aimed directly at the surprised Davis who would most certainly have been shot at had the driver of the Escalade speeding northbound been concentrating less on her cell phone conversation and more on the kneeling perp she drove over.