Hollywood Burrito Project – 02.13.08

On Gower under the Hollywood Freeway this was one of our last stops and certainly the location of the highest concentration of homeless. Overall we gave away 40 burritos last night. Here we fed seven  people as indicated by the notes in the snap at right posted to Flickr plus one more not pictured on the sidewalk behind me(click image to check it out).

It can be argued that feeding the homeless with no greater purpose leaves them dependent and does nothing to enable their escape from the streets. While that may be true, what is truer for me is that moment of transition when the food goes from my hands to theirs with no agenda and no judgment. In that brief interval of giving and receiving I stand apart from a society that shuns and instead acknowledges them as humans who matter, who count, who deserve. For that short span we are brothers and sisters helping each other.