Nope, that’s not the number of my favorite FM radio station. That’s my temperature at the present.  In a replay of last week’s weird flash fever, I felt kinda punky achy all day at the office, but the fever didn’t really return full tilt until I was rolling home from a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon.

By the time I got inside shivering to all get out it was all I could do to get some ibuprofen into my piehole and crawl on fire under the covers. I did manage to rise later for some soup my baybee made me  and at one point my temperature had returned to normal, but this morning it’s back up — not hard into the triple digits, but it’s amazing what one-and-a-half degrees can do to muck up your outlook.

The really odd thing is that I don’t have any other symptoms. No cough, no runny nose, no sneezing. Just this heat and these aches — oh yeah and for some reason it feels like I got punched in the ribs.

The really cool thing is that work beckons so staying home and resting isn’t really an option.

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