The Day After The Bike Tour: So Nice I’d Do It Twice!

Keeping in mind that I’m the type of guy who’s done both the bike tour and the marathon in the past (2003, 2005 and 2007), it shouldn’t surprise you — or at least not for very long — what’s been percolating in my head since my personal-best breaking 61-minute cannonball run of the bike tour’s course yesterday — and no it does not involve the marathon.

What it does involve is riding the bike tour course a second time. Seriously! Basically the first time out I’d try like hell to beat this year’s time and grab my medal somewhere about an hour later on the westside of the coliseum. Then I’d justcome back around to the start line on Figueroa on the east side of the coliseum and haz me some seconds at a much more relaxed and casual and enjoyable pace.

I could be done with the second lap by 8:15, before they start sweeping riders onto bail-out routes. Totally!