Farewell Sid

I was saddened to learn earlier this week that Susan’s uncle Jim had to put his dog Sid down after an episode in which Sid bit Susan’s grandma. I had the pleasure of meeting Sid twice, first in 2004 during the Thanksgiving I spent with Susan when her grandma lived in Redding and then a couple summers ago for Independence Day in Troy, Montana, where her grandma had moved in 2005, a few dozen stones’ throws off the Kootenai River.

I’m not sure of the particulars, but I do know that Sid was the best a grand and good and rambunctious and loving and loyal dog could be. I’d hazard Jim loved him just about more than anything or anyone else. and the feeling was mutual. I’d also wager the bite was accidental and the decision afterward was a really difficult one to make — but the right one.

I knew I had some shots taken on July 4th, 2006, of Sid with Jim doing a biscuit trick in the front yard of the Troy house and in looking for them I came across one I’d forgotten about. I think Sid’s adoring and obedient expression — especially with a biscuit on his head! — just about says it all about how wonderful he was and about the wonderful partnership they shared, and it’s how I’ll remember that big old wonderful bear of a dog:


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