Wright There!

One of my favorite views in Los Angeles happens to be found from up at the top of our backyard. So much so that had it not been for my interest in pixeling it from there yesterday I would not have discovered the unfortunate scene that prompted yesterday’s post.


In reviewing the above image this morning something caught my eye that I’d never noticed before despite not only knowing it was there but also having spent cumulative hours over the last few years gazing at this scene. It’s the blocky structure there to the left of the frame’s center and about midway between the top and bottom. Here’s a blown-out close-up:


Hey, it’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House! Howdy neighbor. Looking good in all its renovational glory, too!

Yeah I’m a geek in that I think it’s awesome that I have a direct sightline to such a landmark work of my favorite architect. Of course it’s far enough away to prevent me from seeing any detail — at least not without busting out the binoculars — but it’s nice to know it’s there and looking better than it has in a long time!