Maybe It’s A Southern Thang

All’s good over here in North Carolina. I’ve been as busy as the weather’s been wet, culminating this evening in severe thunderstorms that I’m keeping my fingers crossed will abate by by sometime before my flight’s time tomorrow evening.

Strange that the only times I’ve been to Wal-Mart in my entire life, both have been for neckties. The first time was in Carbon Hill, Alabama, in 1987 for my grandmother’s funeral. I’d forgotten to pack one and so thanks to a desperate visit to the only Wal-Mart in Walker County I was able to pay my respects at her funeral suitably suited.Arriving in Charlotte Wednesday, I unpacked my clothes and behold and low: no ties. Fortunately there was a Wal-Mart 3.6 miles from my hotel so I drove over there and purchased a red one and a dark blue just-in-case one.

On the way back I stopped for my inaugural visit at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then this morning was able to savor my fist cup of renowned Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. And boy was it gooooood!

Other than that I’m bushed, but wanted to check in before I sack out for one more night before coming back to L.A.