Comparitively Speaking

With about a gallon of 87 octane left in my truck’s gas tank, if I’d reeeeeeeally wanted to yesterday I could’ve put off filling her up and then gone ahead and accumulated an additional week’s worth of bike-commuting mileage. But I’d driven to Burbank Sunday morning to help rearrange some furniture for my mom, and then hit the nearby Costco afterward (in need of heavy stuff like canned dog food and cat food and a 36-pack of Diet Pepsi). Since that store had a station on site, I decided to just go ahead and replenish my trusty pick-up’s fuel supply — a chore last done all the way back on March 6.

In that 38 days, I put 225 miles on my Nissan’s odometer. On my bike I logged 740 miles. That’s a travel ratio of better than 3:1, bike to car.

Can I haz gold star?

Taking a longer-viewed look the difference isn’t near as disparate, but across the 11 months since my 10-year old truck’s odometer hit 100,000 on May 4, 2007, I have driven 3,021 miles while biking 3,869 miles.