First Look: Upstairs

With our tenant Joe’s unexpected and sudden demise almost two weeks ago and the subsequent cleaning out of his belongings being completed by his brother yesterday I finally got a chance to get up there and take a good look around.

Susan I had initially planned on cleaning it up and renting it out for at least double if not near triple what the rent had been (Joe’d lived here since 1986), but on further review we’ve decided not to have to bother with all that and instead go ahead with our ultimate plan of reclaiming the space to the house by reconnecting the first floor to the second with an interior staircase and turning the 3 rooms, 2 half-baths and sliver of a kitchen up there into a master suite.

Flickr photoset of those thumbnails is here.


It’s gonna be a long, expensive process but so worth it to have the house all to ourselves and so much sooner than we’d expected.