Penny Arcade

When it comes to finding things in the backyard sometimes I don’t even have to try. Such was the case of this penny, found on the ground  near the hammock while raking leaves in the backyard this morning.

img_9834.jpg img_9835.jpg

img_9836.jpg img_9837.jpg

The top two thumbnails (all clickable) are the “before” shots of the front and back and the bottom two are after I cleaned them up a bit. The coin was corroded enough not to be able to make out with any certainy the third digit of the date: 19 6.” Could it be a 1906 penny, which was the year the land was originally deeded? Could it be a 1916, a year or so after the house was built? It was only from scrubbing it with some cleaners that I was shown it to be a 1946 S wheatback penny.

How long it’s been in the ground is anyone’s guess but given its worn condition I’d hazard the full 62 years or not much less.