A Bit O’ This & A Bit O’ That

Pretty productive morning.

  1. Got a package sent off to the winning eBay bidder in Virginia — his prize a pair of Justin camel/elkskin boots I’ve had for 20 years and worn maybe four times during that period.
  2. Got a haircut, while Susan got our grocery shopping done.
  3. Went to see a matinee of “Indiana Jones” and it was okay in a shoulder-shruggy way. Having Indy pronounce “nuclear” as “noo-kyoo-lur” and have Shia TheBeef’s first appearance onscreen be in a total ripoff of Marlon Brando’s character in “The Wild One” did nothing to endear the film to me, but the action sequences rocked.

And when we got home I rescued a grasshopper that I suspect Pepper of bringing inside. The thing wound up in the space between the stove and counter and I somehow managed to shepherd it into a paper bag that I then used to carry outside for its release on the fence where it proved to be in no hurry to get anywhere in particular so I grabbed the cam and got some up-close shots of it, like this one that’s clickably biggifiable, of course: