Ornery Thornery

Tis the season… for goatheads. Grrrrrrrrrreat.

I don’t know where I picked this fine fellow up but I saw it stuck in my front tire while I was still a couple miles away from work this morning. At least it had the decency to stay embedded in the sidetread and keep enough air in the tube to get me to the office without having to stop and patch it.

That’s what lunch hours are for.

There are few things I truly hate, but invasive plants — such as pampas and fountain grasses, mustard weed, fennel, and the creeper known simply and succinctly as puncture vine that produces these tire flattening beasties — never fail to piss me off. Puncture vine is especially and vehemently detested due to the fact that its spiked seeds are the most common cause for my flat tires during the summer months.