The Great 2008 Loquat (& Passion Fruit) Planting!

On the windowsill in the kitchen I’ve been keeping one ripening passion fruit pulled from the side of the Ballona Creek Bikeway and a bowl full of loquat seeds from the fruits I’ve eaten off the portion of the neighbor’s tree that hangs in our yard and wondering what the hell was I going to do with them

This weekend I figured it out and this morning prior to a Costco run Susan and I visited the Armstrong Garden Center in Glendale to pick up some biodegradable pots, which you can see assembled above and filled with potting soil. I then proceeded to plant two or three loquat seeds into 23 of the pots and into the last one went some scooped-out gelatinous passion fruit seed that got covered up with dirt. Then I positioned them on a tray to catch the drainage and put it on a table in the backyard that gets good sun in the morning and afternoon, where I watered the bunch of ’em.

Small Flickr photoset here.

Now what? Well, now we wait to see if there’ll be any actual growth.

And then what after that? Well, I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to set up a street corner stand and give the seedlings away to anyone willing to take and plant them or whether I’m going to go on a covert guerilla planting mission (or missions) and put them in the ground around the community myself.

Rest assured you’ll be kept posted.

P.S. I still have about half of the loquat seeds left so if anyone wants some just let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get them to you.