An Occassional Look At Favorite Shirts: Leonardo

For as organized as I purport myself to be, the drawers containing my socks, briefs and t-shirts tell a much different story. So badly overstuffed and everything poorly folded, it’s entirely feasible that I could easily place something new in there and not see it again for months — or longer, if I didn’t go digging and chance upon it.

Such is the case of this favorite shirt of mine:

Susan and I found it in Venice, Italy, last year. If memory serves, we had just crossed the Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal and found ourselves in the midst of a produce market. During our walk that day I had seen this shirt from other souvenir vendors — drawn to it for ob(ike)vious reasons — but I had held off getting on because it didn’t exactly speak to me of Venezia.

Then the next shirt spot we passed after leaving the produce market had one and i said what the hey I had to have it. In the time since I’d worn it a couple times… maybe three. As such it slowly got rotated to the bottom of a shirt drawer, and I only found it today buried at the bottom of one of two drawers holding some shirts I may not have worn since 2005. Outta sight, outta mind.

Time for a purge methinks.

As to whether the reproduction of the bicycle sketch on the shirt represents proof that Leonardo Da Vinci “invented” a bicycle about 300 years before the development of the modern version … well that’s open to debate. Some see it as a downright hoax, others believe somewhat romantically that it’s legit.

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