Fun With Stickerz!

On his bike my friend Stephen has been sporting a simple declarative sticker given to him by a fellow rider that grows more awesome with each new gas-price increase and thus is something I’ve been coveting of late. But in this day and internest age why waaaaaaaaaait around hoping for a handout when you can crack open photoshop or some similar program, upload the file to any of several makeyerownstuffdotcoms, and voila!

So in photoshop I mimicked what I’d seen on Stephen’s bike, then I visited a few days ago, blew the dust off my dormant account and rustled me up batch o’ these (which arrived yesterday):

While they last I’ll be packing them with me on my various group and solo ridings around town so if you see me give me a shout and I’ll hook you up if I have one. Or boy howdy: go make some for yerself!

UPDATED (12.28): Better yet, support a fellow cyclist/creative type by getting some directly from the guy I just learned is the OG in the triple-zero sticker realm. He goes by the nom du net of Jonny5 and has a pretty serious grudge against goats, but he sells some sweet sticker action at