Just a quick paragraph or two about the movie Stardust, which Susan and I watched last night and which despite being a top-shelf big-budgeted production delivered such a disappointing blip on the domestic box office radar during its theatrical release last summer  (regardless of a relatively positive critical reception) as to leave forgettable me thinking when it arrived in the mail from Netflix last week that it was a different movie entirely (specifically: Across the Universe). It even took me a couple minutes in from the beginning to realize it wasn’t.

And I loved it. L O V E D it! Visually stunning, beautifully performed, delightfully fantastical and wonderfully paced, discovering Stardust is something of a bittersweet triumph in seeing how fantastic it was while also knowing how much it was ignored by U.S. moviegoers.

So next time you’re in the video store or adding films to your Netflix list, think about giving Stardust a try. It’s magically delicious!