Image No. 1556 of 2444: A Face In The Clouds

So we’re back and happy to be home with the animals, and the photo totals are in (after iPhoto crashed twice at various points during the import process, gah!). Over the nine days we were away in Mexico I took some 2,444 pictures (along with some 17 video clips). Susan logged 1,978 images. Jeez.

I guess calling us shutterbugs would be something of an understatement.

So where to begin with all those pixels? Well, after scanning through my mass of images I settled on perhaps the most unique one of the megabunch, a 75-second exposure taken at 10:35 p.m. local time July 14 from our rooftop terrace at the Hotel Posada de Santa Fe during our first night in Guanajuato. A strange thunderless yet steadily discharging lightning storm was happening out over the distant mountains to the south of the city (you’ll certainly wanna click for maximification):

Tell me, can you see the profile of the face in the clouds that Susan found immediately (and I totally missed until she pointed it out)?

Whether or not you can, what you’re seeing is the cloudbank illuminated by at least a half-dozen lightning bursts behind it over the course of the minute and a quarter. In comparison, here’s a shot taken of just one discharge in the center over the course of about 10 seconds (again, clickable for biggification):

After some serious whittling down to my favorite faves, I’ll be uploading them to my Flickr account… but that may take some time. In the meanwhile, Susan and I are unpacking and decompressing and glad to be back and paying lots of extra attention to our wonderful four leggers.