Well That Was A New Experience

Los Angeles just experienced what news reports are calling a 5.8/5.1/5.6/5.4-magnitude earthquake centered in the Chino Hills area of the region, which is about 40 miles away from where I’m at in Westchester, which is a couple miles north from LAX.

In my entire life as a SoCal native, whose earthquake experiences go back to the 1971 Sylmar temblor, I’ve never gotten used to them. HATE them. One millisecond everything’s stable, the next it’s not. Factor in my location for this one being a new one for a shaker — on the 10th floor of a 12-floor office building — and all the swaying and creaking and groaning and popping and more swaying, initial and residual, left me yearning to be much more closer to ground level.

All said and done though L.A. seemed to ride out another reminder that everything we think of as permanent is far from it.