Barely Scathed

So it wasn’t until this morning that I noticed the only disturbance as a result of yesterday’s 5.4 earthquake. Apparently the shaking was enough to topple some artifacts on bookshelf display in the study, namely the baton bestowed on me for my heroic efforts stemming from membership on the Sparkletts Drinking Water team that ran in the 1990 Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon in Griffith Park, which timbered onto a saxophone mouthpiece not used since 1996 when, desperate for rent money during a particularly thin spell, I had to sell my beloved tenor saxophone for the lowlow of $300 (I paid $1,200 for it back in 1986). The baton also landed upon my childhood keepsake Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car  (with working wings!). Fortunately, none of the items appears to have suffered any damage in the “collapse.”